Monday, October 10, 2016


Ever wonder why it is sooo hard to know who speaks the truth regarding skin care and what your daily skin regimen should be and by whom?

Well, lets get a few things cleared up first.  There are many quality Professional Skin Care Lines out there.....LET ME STRESS PROFESSIONAL!  To get the most out of your skin care, save money AND get the best results, it is best to find a local Aesthetician in your area who specializes in one or two lines and is continuing education and learning advanced techniques about the particular skin care lines, how they effectively treat each unique skin type, may treat in-spa through regular facials/peels and can prescribe/offer retail for home to advance the treatments for optimal results. sum up healthy skin in a nutshell is this....."BREAK IT DOWN AND BUILD IT BACK UP".....This is is simple as it gets - Exfoliate (break it down) and Re-Build (Peptide Serums)... just alternatiing treatments/facials as the skin reacts and adjusts to the topicals being applied.

So, think of it this way - An old wooden deck needs some needs to be sanded, buffed, stained to re-beautify the wood.

The skin is that wooden deck - sand it down with physical/chemical exfoliation - through using a facial brush, scrubs etc. for physical and retinols, salicylics, glycolics etc. for your chemical exfoliants at home.  At the Spa, get regular peels and facials to keep your skin in tip top shape!!!

The staining of the deck (skin) are all your topicals - follow your Aesthetician's guidelines for proper applications.


  • Prescription Retinol & Topicals - many cases aren't necessary and there are updated/improved ingredients that provide amazing result without the irritation but with all of the benefits! (and less expensive)..... Instead use: INTENSIVE BRIGHTENING TREATMENT
  • Using multiple products from various makers and overstripping the skin - using too many correctives without "building" the skin back up - You MUST BREAK IT DOWN AND BRING IT BACK!
  • Please don't argue with your Aesthetician.....hopefully she/he is educated in their particular lines and really does care and know what is best for your skin and adjusts the products as the skin reacts and keeps the process going.
Lastly, Aesthetician etiquette.....try not to mention Avon, Arbonne, Cetaphil, ProActive.....this is like a quick jab in the side to most of us....over the counter products and skin care marketed on the T.V. are not near enough quality to apply to your skin (especially when you are cleansing & exfoliating properly).  The money is spent on advertising/rent etc.....not ingredients, education, research and improving the industry.