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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jewls' Exclusive Micro Needling Facial

Jewls' Exclusive Skin-Micro Needling Facial



There are many establishments performing Micro-Needling treatments - The way the treatment is done and with what process and machine can make all the difference in the world!

This particular process does NOT use a micro-roller!  This is a machine that has a cartridge specifically designed for the skin and can be manipulated at different depths for different areas of the skin.  A thorough cleansing process takes place prior to the more clinical process of the treatment.

Jewls spends 20 minutes cleansing and exfoliating every client's skin prior to performing whichever skin treatment her client is receiving.  This is especially important because this makes whatever treatment done more effective because there is less "dead" skin for the treatment to try and get through making each and every treatment deeper and effective.

With the Micro-Needling treatment, the client and Jewls discuss how much change and downtime the client would like to achieve.  There can be as little as one day downtime (if that) or several days.  It all depends on what the desired outcome is to be.

For example, I have done a Micro-Needling Facial on myself and spot needled deeply two areas of main concern for laxity on either below side of my chin.  I then applied an exfoliating Retinol treatment in which now I have two substantial scabs that will take about 3 - 4 days to heal.  This actually will plump up and refine pores naturally (without injections).

Post care for this treatment is PCA cleanser of choice, Soothing Dermal Repair Mist (Epicuren), Total Strength Serum (PCA) & Rejuvenating Serum (PCA - both of which have Epidermal Growth Factor), and of course,  either PCA or Epicuren SPF.


Please note, I am 45 here and still do NOT use any botox, fillers etc of any kind!

So, quick trips to the store for a couple days.....Yes, I deal with the scabbing too - not just my clients:)

I choose to do this treatment every two months, as I sometimes forget to take care of myself like I should and this is the best, most dramatic way to improve skin quickly with little to no downtime!

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