Thursday, December 29, 2016

Oh NO! I Have Skin Cancer???

Know Your Skin - Have Any Suspicious Spot Biopsied

So a few years ago, I noticed a red spot - it was very hard to see as it blended in with my skin pretty well, however, I noticed it.  It was located on my left, upper decollette (chest).  As some of you may know, I grew up in sunny, SW FL (Naples, FL) and was a sun worshiper.  Yes, the baby oil, the silver bikini - you name it.  I didnt even start properly taking care of my skin until I went to school in AZ for Aesthetics. I was 34.

Some things I learned about sun exposure are:

  • Sun damage shows up in the skin 20 years after initial exposure.
  • We get enough sun exposure just running errands and doing daily activities. (unless you live in a cave or stay indoors all the time).
  • Tanning beds are WORSE for your skin than natural sunlight.
  • OTC (over the counter) sunscreens are inferior to most professional sunscreens and may actually cause further damage to the skin.  It just is NEVER worth it to buy OTC products, PERIOD!
So, the initial spot was "burned" off and I noticed it coming back maybe a year later.  I wasnt really sure if it was the same spot so I wasnt really concerned.  My insurance was changing January 1st, so I wanted to get everything done before the end of the year.  I made my appointment with the dermatologist and told them I wanted this spot biopsied (a client once told me she demanded a biopsy after her dermatologist said "it was nothing" and it turned out to be skin cancer).  Well, long story short, this spot came back as skin cancer "Basal Cell Carcinoma".

It was excised out the next day.  What I would like to make clear is this:
  • The spot was barely noticeable
  • It was pinkish in color (not brown or black)
  • It wasnt really raised (if so, not much)
  • The dermatologist may not notice all these spots - it is your job to know your skin and ask/demand for biopsies 
It is my opinion, that a stronger, healthier skin may help prevent future outbreaks and when you are properly caring for your skin (face and body), you will be more aware of spots, keratosis, etc.

There are some professional spa treatments that will help remove keratosis (superficial bumps/growths) which include Skin/Chemical Peels, Correctives at home and even Body Peels.

Please contact me if you have questions or comments via website SkinCareByJewls.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Ever wonder why it is sooo hard to know who speaks the truth regarding skin care and what your daily skin regimen should be and by whom?

Well, lets get a few things cleared up first.  There are many quality Professional Skin Care Lines out there.....LET ME STRESS PROFESSIONAL!  To get the most out of your skin care, save money AND get the best results, it is best to find a local Aesthetician in your area who specializes in one or two lines and is continuing education and learning advanced techniques about the particular skin care lines, how they effectively treat each unique skin type, may treat in-spa through regular facials/peels and can prescribe/offer retail for home to advance the treatments for optimal results. sum up healthy skin in a nutshell is this....."BREAK IT DOWN AND BUILD IT BACK UP".....This is is simple as it gets - Exfoliate (break it down) and Re-Build (Peptide Serums)... just alternatiing treatments/facials as the skin reacts and adjusts to the topicals being applied.

So, think of it this way - An old wooden deck needs some needs to be sanded, buffed, stained to re-beautify the wood.

The skin is that wooden deck - sand it down with physical/chemical exfoliation - through using a facial brush, scrubs etc. for physical and retinols, salicylics, glycolics etc. for your chemical exfoliants at home.  At the Spa, get regular peels and facials to keep your skin in tip top shape!!!

The staining of the deck (skin) are all your topicals - follow your Aesthetician's guidelines for proper applications.


  • Prescription Retinol & Topicals - many cases aren't necessary and there are updated/improved ingredients that provide amazing result without the irritation but with all of the benefits! (and less expensive)..... Instead use: INTENSIVE BRIGHTENING TREATMENT
  • Using multiple products from various makers and overstripping the skin - using too many correctives without "building" the skin back up - You MUST BREAK IT DOWN AND BRING IT BACK!
  • Please don't argue with your Aesthetician.....hopefully she/he is educated in their particular lines and really does care and know what is best for your skin and adjusts the products as the skin reacts and keeps the process going.
Lastly, Aesthetician etiquette.....try not to mention Avon, Arbonne, Cetaphil, ProActive.....this is like a quick jab in the side to most of us....over the counter products and skin care marketed on the T.V. are not near enough quality to apply to your skin (especially when you are cleansing & exfoliating properly).  The money is spent on advertising/rent etc.....not ingredients, education, research and improving the industry.




Add a couple drops of Lemon or Graperfruit Essential Oil to your water bottle, and sip during your workout to help keep your metabolism humming.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


If you live in SW FL or any other hot and mild climate, then this article is for YOU!

How do you treat the skin when the climate changes and there is a ton of moisture and heat in the air?

There are a few things you will want to do:


That is correct!  All the wetness that "sits" on top of the skin along with debris from the environment will actually "stick" to your skin's surface and even promote blockage of pores.  This is more true of the thicker, oilier skins.

How do you exfoliate more?
You do this by using a facial brush (I sell them for only $4.25 each) with your cleanser every day. The amount of pressure used depends on the resilience (thickness) of your skin.  The thicker your skin, the more pressure you will use.

Use a light to coarse physical scrub every day to every other day - use this as a 2nd cleanse - not in place of your actual cleanser.

Get your monthly peels done.  Yes, MONTHLY.  The more skin you remove, the more youthful, supple and healthier skin you will grow!  There are all types of peels (light, medium and deep).  If you aren't sure what peel to get, simply choose a light peel to start with.  It is good practice to get a light peel, then a medium, then a deep and then cycle back around.  Changing up your skin's treatments will keep it in "Tip-Top" shape!


As mentioned above, you should be getting one peel per month and the 2nd treatment should be another treatment designed to repair/replenish the skin.  I offer a VIP Program that significantly reduces the cost of treatments (including skin-chemical peels) as well as offer 15% off all Professional Retail at home.

A great rule of thumb for anyone receiving "corrective treatments" at the Spa, should have these three (3) items on hand at home:

1. Soothing Dermal Repair Mist (Epicuren)
2. Rebalance (PCA)
3. Clinicalm (PCA)

The above 3 items will eradicate any post redness/irritation.


It is vital to take care of your skin at home!  PLEASE do NOT use over the counter products on your skin.  There is absolutely NO reason to not be on professional skin care (especially when you have the option of receiving it at a 15% discount)!  Why in the world would you get a professional treatment and use crap (yes, CRAP) on your skin?  It is truly defeating the purpose.  Yes, it makes a difference.

With that said, you want, at the very least, a cleanser, toner, scrub, corrective, builder and an spf at all times on your countertop.  You will then want to consider having a few of each to alternate and even layer to improve the integrity of your skin.

A sample of home care for "normal" skin at home is:

Citrus (Epicuren)
Facial Wash (PCA)

Microderm (Epicuren) - this is amazing - leaves your skin baby smooth!
Gentle Exfoliant (PCA) - a milder scrub, great for post peels and removing flaking skin

Smoothing Toner (PCA)
Nutrient Toner (PCA)

Intensive Brightening Treatment (PCA)
C & E Strength (PCA)

Total Strength Serum (PCA)
Rejuvenating Serum (PCA)
Pro Collagen & Serum Amplifier (Epicuren)

Perfecting Neck & Decollette (PCA)

Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel (PCA)

Rebalance (PCA)

Sun Protection:
Sheer Tint 45 (PCA)

Sheer Tint - PCA

Misters (I LOVE THESE):
Protein Enzyme Toner (Epicuren)
Soothing Dermal Repair Mist (Epicuren)

At Skin Care By Jewls, I carry both PCA and Epicuren Professional  Skin Care Lines for both back-bar treatments AND retail.  They compliment each other very well.  PCA is my "Peel" and "Corrective" line and Epicuren is my "Builder" and "Luxury" line.

I offer a 15% Discount Tuesday, the 1st Tuesday of every month.  I just require to have your payment form on file prior to your order.  Clients simply email me what product and size they want and I email them when their order is ready to either be picked up or shipped out to them. ***Please keep in mind that you cannot receive the discount from the online shopping cart ***  Also, ALL VIP members receive 15% discount on all skin care, all the time.


One last thing, sometimes skin irritation from correctives can irritate around the nasal labial folds (around the nose and mouth)....Please be conscious of where you are applying your product....distribution of your products should be evenly spread and in more abundance to the thicker parts of your skin (ie. cheeks, forehead, chin)....

Please email me if you have any questions - it is my pleasure to help you understand your own skin.