Friday, May 23, 2014

What is "Medi-Cupping" and the Importance of "Lymphatic Drainage"?


We all know that exercise and eating right have many benefits for our bodies, especially as we age. We have also all heard the hype about lipo lasers, shots and all sorts of crazy things to help eliminate cellulite and stubborn fatty areas.

Did you know that much of this "sluggish" debris is actually stagnant Lymph?  The blood is always circulating due to the heart constantly pumping it.  The lymph system doesnt have a heart pump to keep it moving and flowing efficiently.

Medi-Cupping is a treatment which I offer that will get the lymph fluid moving and clear debris to exit through lymph nodes.   In my opinion, cellulite is an accumulation of toxins that the body is unable to process because of the foreign bodies in it (ie. aspartame, chemicals, etc.) as well as just not circulating due to lack of motion (sitting, etc.).  Think of it this way - Our blood has a "pump", it is the heart.  Our lymph system does not have a pumping mechanism to keep the lymph fluid moving and as we age and build up toxins, this fluid that circulated on it's own, needs help "pumping" it in the right direction to exit the body.  

This Medi-Cupping treatment is an actual pumping mechanism that gently suctions and moves lymph fluids by placing the cups on specific target areas to help the lymph system move and circulate this debris out of the body.  There are many added benefits than just simply moving debris.  The suctioning action also stimulates collagen and elastin to "fire" thus, strengthening the underlying tissue.

Lymph drainage is also performed on the face and helps relieve puffiness around the eyes and under the chin.  It has a tightening effect on the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin underneath the skin as well.  The benefits are numerous with this procedure.

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